Just like a mustang’s born to run,
               in the wind beneath the sun,
                        In my heart, I’m just a cowboy meant to sing.
                                                                                             -- RM

Mountain Chalet, Aspen, CO

JD Tribute show, Delevan, NY

With Dave Stratford at The Stage of WNY, Warsaw, NY

The Stage of WNY, Warsaw, NY

Radio Promo Interview, August 2011                         With percussionist Marsha Howard

Music In The Park, Delevan, NY

Country Lodge Steakhouse, Lime Lake, NY                                  Nashville, TN 1999               

With singer/songwriter Dawn Dunlap, Nashville, TN

With NY Rockin' Rodeo, Ischua, NY

            Nashville, 1999                                                            Music In The Park

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