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Single CD Orders
"First Collection -
Cowboy Meant To Sing"

Dedicated to the memory of John Denver, featuring "John's Song (The Song Will Never Die)"

CD - $10.00 ea.

"Second Collection -
Anything But Typical"

Includes "More Than I Can Do" and "What She Doesn't Know"

CD - $10.00 ea.

Multi-CD Orders
+ Order both CDs

First and Second Collections

$20.00 --

and save $4.00 on shipping and handling

Shipping & Details
Shipping & Handling charges above of $4.00 per CD are for US/Canada orders. Save shipping when ordering both CD's - $4.00 S&H for 2 CD set.

Please allow a reasonable amount of time for delivery, generally 3 to 5 days. International orders will take slightly longer (see below).

Mail Orders
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Special Orders
For quantity purchase discount (10 CDs or more), email for pricing and S&H quote.

International Orders
We are glad for you interest in Ron’s music and are pleased to ship CDs to our international friends. Please email for S&H quote (be sure to include your complete address, especially city and country). The shipping cost you receive by return email can then be entered into your online order on our checkout page, and your order can be shipped immediately. Thank you for your patience with this extra step in the ordering process.


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